When a Nautical Stripe Goes Wrong

Nautical Stripe Shirt

Nautical Stripes…You know how much I love a Nautical Stripe.  It’s a classic.  I received this email from a client a few weeks ago and decided it was a great learning opportunity for you.  Here’s what her comment was: “pictures prove that fit and color are critical” Nautical Stripes ARE a classic, but you must […]

4 Tips for Getting a Great Pair of Jeans


Want a Great Pair of Jeans? Getting a great pair of jeans is not always easy!  Jeans, they are a staple in almost every wardrobe in the country these days, but finding and getting a great pair sometimes is pretty difficult.  There are so many options. Do you try on what seems to be 100’s […]

How to Tie Scarves – I’m Knot Kidding!

How to Tie Scarves

How many scarves to you own?  Seriously?  I have probably over 100!  I love scarves. They can take an everyday outfit and push it to date night! Scarves have the ability to update your wardrobe in a heartbeat, but many of us stress over how to tie them.  I’ve had fun the last few years […]

Long Hairstyles – Are They Appropriate on Older Women

Christina Aguilera

You hear it all the time…a woman who is beyond 40 shouldn’t wear her hair long.  Well, times have changed and that’s not always the case now.  Women are staging comebacks and wearing their hair in many different styles that include long, medium and short lengths. It’s not just about the LENGTH of your hair, […]

Ralph Lauren at the 2012 Olympics

Ralph Lauren Olympics

Ralph Lauren got some heat this week. Ralph Lauren,  American designer, captured the honor of outfitting  the American Olympic Team for the opening and closing ceremonies.  I wonder what he’s thinking after it was revealed his uniforms were sewn in China. Rest assured, he is NOT alone!  Lauren has long been an iconic American designer.  […]

Should You Hide Your Aging Neck?

Nora Ephron

I feel Bad About My Neck In the book, I Feel Bad About My Neck, Nora Ephron has a humorous view of the one place that shows a woman’s age! Plastic surgery can tighten most things up a bit, but rarely does a woman’s neck hide her age!  Do you know what to do with […]

Who is Designer Christian Louboutin

Beaded Christian Louboutin

I love shoes.  What woman doesn’t love shoes? Sadly, I don’t own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes….You may not recognize this photo as being Christian Louboutin, but I bet you’d recognize his shoes. The soles of his shoes are red! The signature red sole has made him a household name among fashion savvy shoe […]

10 Rules for Perfect Hair Color

Lady Gaga Hombre Hair

I’ve been coloring my hair in one form of another since I was in my 20’s.  My first “brush” with color was lemon juice.  I graduated to a spray product called Sun-In…Is it still around? And then I got more daring…Remember Frost and Tip? My older sister, whom I was often the guinea pig for […]

Soles of Your Shoes Really Does Matter

Shoe Soles StyleYOUniversity.com

Shoes Make or Break a Look, Right? Yes, shoes can make or break a look. A new shoe in your wardrobe can be the single item to bring your wardrobe into the latest trend, but have you given any thought to the sole of your shoes? You should.  The thickness of your sole needs to […]