Style – Work Your Weekend Style


Style on the Weekend Style on the weekend can be tough.  How many times have you “just run out” to the store or somewhere and been embarrassed by the way you’ve shown up?  It’s true, I’ve done it myself and even the ball cap and sunglasses can’t hide my tacky style! Sometimes it makes me […]

Style Expressed-Your Date Night Style

Getting to your best style is getting easy!  So far we’ve talked all about style personalities, what’s it mean to have an expressive or reserved style.  We’ve talked about defining your personality type and what everyday style is. Now, let’s take a look at what it means to have a date-night or ‘dress-up” style. If […]

Style Expressed Unleashing Your Everyday Style

Style, as we are discovering, is not as easy as buying what’s on the mannequin!  Well, I guess it could be if it were your personal style, but for style to resonate and be authentic you must feel it…own it! Everyone has opportunities to show up stylish!  When working a stylish wardrobe 3 lifestyle looks […]

Style Personality – Are You Expressive?


Style Personality has EVERYTHING to do with how you dress. Are you Classic?  Trendy? Dramatic? Glamorous? Preppy? Do you even know what style personality you have? Understanding how you “express” yourself  is a great place to start…I don’t mean clothes…I mean at home and in social situations?  How would you define the way that you […]

Style Trends I’m Loving RIGHT NOW!

Style Trends, if you’ve noticed are spanning several decades.  We have Hollywood Glamour of the 40’s, Leave it to Beaver dresses of the 50’s, Beach Blanket Bingo casual of the 60’s and Color Blocking, Hippy, Bohemian Styles of the 60’s and 70’s…..But wait, 80’s Power Dressing style trend is Back! There’s never been a better […]