Obsess the Dress

It has been many years since the dress has been as popular as it is today.  Currently fashion is having an obsession with the dress.  I have said it for the last few years-now is the time to buy a dress if you haven’t already done so. Dresses are so feminine and can hide a […]

6 Steps For a Stress Free Travel Wardrobe

Check out these 6 easy tips to travel and pack a great wardrobe with ease.

Finding Your Signature Color

Color elicits a powerful emotional response.  Branding specialists know this, advertising agencies know this, and professional color consultants know this.  It can make us eat more, buy more, sell more.  Do you know the emotional response that you obtain when you wear color?  What did you wear to the last formal event, funeral or serious […]

Serendipity, Synchronicity, Coincidence or Plain Luck?

 In the 1960’s life was all about free love, peace and all things serendipitous.  In the early 2000’s life was about synchronicity with Purpose Driven Life, The Law of Attraction and Vision Boards.  Even before this Norman Vincent Peale published a book on positive thinking (1952) The Power of Positive Thinking.  Is it coincidence or […]

Style and Wardrobe Boot Camps

Boot camps are popular ways to get intensive training in everything from exercise to training your child to sleep.  Now you can even go to “Style” or “Wardrobe” Boot Camp.  Here at Image Assets, we have developed a full day training to help you develop your unique style. To be effective and work for you, there are several things that must happen […]

The Hype on Hosiery

Last year Charla Krupp published a book called How Not to Look Old. For the most part I agreed with all of the hints on looking “young and hip”. There is one exception though and I believe that she has actually gone on record recanting or revamping her statement. Her YH statement on hosiery was […]